For this, I cannot forget!

A conversation tonight between Lilly and I:

Lilly (as she walks into the kitchen, where I am slaving over PB Sandwiches for dinner): "Momma, can I please have some more grapes? And some more chips? And another Turkey Stick please?"

ME: "Lilly, thank you for using your manners. Certainly you can (as I fill her plate with the things she has so kindly asked for....unlike her siblings who have been demanding and bossing me around for 2 hours)."

LILLY: "Thank you Momma."

ME: "You're welcome sweetheart...thanks again for using your manners!"
(Lilly Exits the room)

ME: (I'm smiling as I think of how that brightened my mood)

LILLY: (she re-enters the room and pokes her head around the fridge) "Momma, I'm just trying to fill your bucket!"

ME: (CRYING....) "Lilly, you are so kind. Thank you!"


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