first day of 1st grade

What a great morning. Last year...great mornings on school days were NOT every day!
Choosing the outfit is the most difficult part for Lilly. But today, it's important to note her outfit. She seems to be getting a bit more eclectic and a little less particular. PRAISE THE LORD!
She chose a beautiful dress that my sis and her wife just gave her the night before. It's almost a linen material in greens with some embroidered flowers around the bottom with fraying. She wanted to put leggings under and a sweatshirt over (in yet another green!) and then....well RED CROCS of course!
All in all, she had an amazing day. When I dropped her off, we went to her room to drop off the rest of her school supplies, put away her lunch and backpack and get seated. She did great.....I cried.
She broke down when I picked her up and said she felt like she was waiting a really long time. In reality, we were actually early...but to her tiny fast beating heart...I'm sure it did feel like forever!
And now...we'll do it all over again each and every day. Oh Lord.


Bridget said…
Oh she is too cute for words!! I saw a picture of her on Ash's facebook!! I could just eat her up!!!!
Anne said…
Wow - you have a child in 1st grade - it seems like just yesterday we were in school. I can't get over how fast time goes by! I'm glad your morning went smooth - it just makes a great start for the day! :) Good luck with your move - been thinking about you!

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