Late night litter 2.0 much is going on right now I don't even know where to begin...

We're moving,
and moving in.
We now own chickens (about 25),
and also our puppy.
We are also doing a lot of things on the house we're leaving...
windows, doors and what not.
My husband is almost done with his Bachelors...
He graduates in November!
My parents finished building their house..
and are also moving out and in there.
My sister is moving so much closer...
to having children!
My little sister has a job!
Baby Elephant Ears is growing so much more quickly than I can plan for..
it's great!
I leave for a trade show in 3 weeks...
for an ENTIRE week!
Scott will be gone the week before...ouch!
But there are some issues too...
my church is at a turning point.
It's tough.
My life is at a turning point...
God is good.
I'm happy all in all.
Confident in the Lord and his mercies...they are new every morning!

My kids...good.
My life...good!


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