Baby Celebration!


What a joy it was to help throw my cousin Jyl a party for her first child (due to be coming soon!). Since childhood she and her brother have been extremely special to me. Jyl graces the pages of my wedding album as she agreed to be a bridesmade and I couldn't think of any better way to make it into the "pages" of her life than to help throw her a baby shower.

My sisters, mom and I threw her a "fiesta" style party at her request..and what "S" family get together would be complete without copious amounts of food.

My lovely sister, Ashley, and Jessie (not pictured here) were in charge of the games. I know you think..."games? Oh I hate shower games!", but they came up with a great new one in the bunch. See if you can tell what it was...I'm sure it's not new to everyone out there!

They did an awesome job, and were uber prepared as usual!

Jyl exited carrying a good amount of loot and I think she will have plenty to start this sweet babies life! Her mom, Kathy, has also been a huge part of our was so great spending time with the both of them.

Kathy made this adorable gift for Jyl...I have never seen this before either. It's made out of onesies and washcloths!

WOW...i just love pregnant bellies...they are soo beautiful!

And of course...what would a baby shower be without any babies in attendance!

Sylvi was completely smitten with Canden! Canden is the adorable son of my cousin Derek and his wife Christine! Congratulations guys.

And although at 11 months old she is hardly considered a baby me...she is! My sweet babe Pearl munching on her very first cake ball!

She was in it to win it for sure.


This looks so fun! I am having a terrible time planning a shower for my best friend Samm! Good Job!
Derek and Chris had a baby? WOW! Looks like it was fun. Miss you and Love you!
Ehlan said…
Looks like a blast! Sylvia and Pearl both look so grown up in those pictures!
Yummy! Cake balls! I just tried those for the first time this week. Addiction would come easily!

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