Water....it's the other white meat!

Ok...I know that's not true!

What it should say is "water...DRINK IT!". For this is something I seem to be having an issue with.
It's as though my body has said: "since you have practically drowned me in a sea of water for the past 5 plus years, I am done! I need a break. It's just not all it's cracked up to be anymore!" For the taste and refreshing capabilities just aren't there for me any longer.

When I am pregnant I literally indulge in massive amounts of water all day and night. Thus adding to the adverse effects of a weak bladder during pregnancy...but that's a different post.

Soooo, now that I am NOT pregnant I just don't want any water.
To try and solve this epic dilemma that matters o-so-much in my every day life (heheh) I have began using practices that are very out of the ordinary.
I am adding things to my water! I am adding ....dare I say...calories to my water! Maybe if I whisper that my body won't hear!

I have been trying propel in my water and have been able to choke some down here and there ( I know I know...that sounded horrible...to have to choke down water! I would just rather grab a soda! Is that a crime?).

So, as I said, this all-consuming-dilemma is hopefully coming to resolve. Duh duh duh....I guess we'll see!


Megan Marie said…
Oh my goodness...I am the same way! When I'm pregnant, water is my best friend. Now, I am so dehydrated and water is the last thing I want! It's like my mind thinks I am allergic to it now, and just won't bring itself to pour me a glass!! Weird
Hey, can't wait to hear all about the trip!!! I saw your coment on the video...no thats not his job, we just did it the other day at his parents place."the farm" We graded the drive way, evened it out, it was all torn up and mudded out from al the snow and rain. on the back of the tractor is an old jail cell door that is heavy and evens out the drive way...so yea thats what we were doing.
Miss said…
This is the problem I have when I am pregnant...when I am not pg, I cant get enough water. When I am pg I have to choke it down....so, I feel your pain! As I am there now! BLAH!!!!

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