Having a minor spastic attack right now! Why, you ask?
Well simply because I just signed up for my very first half marathon....yeah you read it right! I signed up...paid the bill...I am committed!
I do not, however, have a baby sitter for that day yet, nor do I feel even close to prepared. I know I am...and have done 10 now twice...but that last 3 miles feels like it just might be a little more difficult than the previous 10!
I will keep you all updated as to what my progress is.
Training? Oh yeah...good question. I have no idea what I am doing to "train", and have no official "training plan" in place. I guess...well...I will just "train" myself!


Miss said…
YEAH!!! I am so so so excited for you. You will do an AMAZING job b.c that is JUST WHO YOU ARE! If you put your mind to it...it will happen! I can hardly wait!

what day is it??
Jazzy said…
Congrats!!! You will do GREAT:) I will totally volunteer my babysitting services so you can do that run!!
YOu can do it! Just pack some sports beans or GU with you and suck it down 1/2 way and you'll be fine! The crowd and fun will carry you along!
Korey said…
Depending on the day...I would gladly volunteer to take care of your adorable brood!!! Just shoot me an email and let me know :D
Korey said…
Oh and you'll do great!!! (I'm so not a "for fun" runner...I have to have something else to do in order to keep me occupied on the running; I envy your committment to running for such long distances.)
AJ and Miranda said…

I am so excited for you! I just got my new real (first pair of "only" running) running shoes today! I hope I learn quick and catch up and then we can go run together.... we'll just leave the kids in the basement :)

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