Because time moves too quickly...

Today was nothing significant. It was an ordinary day in which we accomplished ordinary tasks. There were ordinary fights and ordinary screams. We had ordinary laughs about ordinary wrestling matches.
But....for a mere moment today I realized just how quickly time is moving. It is because of this that I needed to take some time to note what was happening in our lives...on this very ordinary day!
We just received her packet to sign up for kindergarten. I, however, am unable to even put he pen to the paper yet. I just can't. Maybe tomorrow?

She has just began this amazing "mothering" tendency. Her desire to imitate me and how I care for the other children is very sweet. The funny thing? A lot of the time she does it when I am not around at all.

Lilly is also beginning to have some major opinions in life. She knows who she "likes" in her preschool class and all of the sudden, knows how many children she would like. She has opinions on what foods she does not like. Much of the time she is trying to impose those opinions on her siblings.

She also has maaaany faces. She crinkles her nose at times when trying to get away with something. She makes a very silly face when she has done something a little "silly" and then throws her head back to laugh (man I hope she isn't emulating me with that one!). She is very expressive.

This little sweet man has began tracing anything and everything on my body while trying to speak to me. When I get down to his level to listen to him, he traces my eyes or ears, or tank top or shirt. All the while his beautiful eyes shift from his tracings to my eyes. It is adorable.

He is completely enamored with all things hockey. We do not overly foster this desire, but obviously Scott plays hockey, so he knows about it (but in family conversation it is rarely discussed). A hockey periodical came in the mail yesterday...and needless to say Finn has taken it to bed with him 3 times now!

I just paid his preschool registration for the fall. I am struggling with the days he may attend school (or if I'm sending him at all for that matter =).

He has such a kind heart for his sisters. When Sylvi throws a fit because he sat where she wanted to....he gives up his spot. When Lilly wants him to play "house" a certain way he says, "Sure we can Lilly!".

Speaking of his response...he now responds most likely with, "Sure I can!". As in....I might say, "Finn please don't pull on your baby sisters head like that!", and then his reply would be, "Sure I can mom!".

What a wippersnapper this one. She has had 2 full years to observe the "bigs" in their daily behaviors...and now she is pulling out all of the stops.

She has began asking me to "nuggle" all of the time. It is hard to resist I have to say.

She is also very much a daddy's girl and in most emotional circumstances asks for him. I am fine with that...since there are 3 others that apparently need me!

She is wanting very badly to potty train. We are doing things a bit differently this she is more interested than I. But she asks...I tell her to go...I put her diaper back on. It's working for today anyhow.

Pearl: sweet baby Pearl. This baby of mine is now over 10 months old. To me, this seems impossible. I feel like it was just yesterday that I had her and Scott and the children came to see us in the hospital.

She has graduated from her army style crawl, to a full on hands n' knees crawl. She pulls herself up onto everything...whiiiich results in quite a few falls each day.

She does a hysterical dance anytime you say, "dance!" (and if I can ever figure out how to get a video up I will).

She is a complete joy and brings me to tears almost daily with overwhelming joy.


raggedy ash said…
presh. what a beautiful update, sister.

even though i see them a few times a week, i feel like almost all of that is "new news" to me! it's crazy how fast time does indeed fly by.

big love,
Thanks Al! I love hearing about them. I miss them all so much its crazy!!!

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