NYC or bust!

That's right everyone! I am breaking free, cutting the cord, getting away! What? You don't believe me! I understand there is plenty of reason for you to be in disbelief. Yeah I know...the fact that I haven't left any of my small children for longer than 1 night EVER! And if I were to total up those "one nights" on my hands, I would not run out of fingers to count on!
I am perfectly ok with this. This is how I am. It's just not in me to up and leave without them. I enjoy having them around as much as I enjoy doing things with them. I don't know what came first though, my inability to leave them or knowing how much fun it is to have them with. Either way...they have me wrapped around their tiny little fingers.
HOWEVER, all of that said. I am leaving in less than 2 weeks for approximately 72 hours. You heard me...a whopping 72 hours! I AM TERRIFIED!
I am not scared about what they might do without me, as I know my husband will have things planned (or not) and they will have an amazing time together. My household will not fall apart as my husband is as much (if not more) of a neat freak than I. There are certain "orders of business" than will wait for me like laundry, bills, mail organizing and what not. But....that is can wait!
One thing that does worry me about leaving home is the fact that I still have a baby (ok ok I know...she's 10 mos. old now, but she's still my baby) who still utilizes me as a food source. She isn't concerned that she is 10 mos. old and eats plenty of solid food; she still prefers to utilize me, at times, as many as 8 times a day. However, I am comforted knowing that there are times that her and I commune only 2 or 3 times a day. So...with all of that said, I am sure she will be fine (it's really me that I am worried about)!
I digress.
NYC or bust! Two of my sisters and I will be driving to New York (Even more reason for me to panic...16 hours to get somewhere...and it's NOT Australia!) where we will have the opportunity to meet with a Representative of a fabric company I am drooling to partner with. This will be mostly business as it will take a great deal of time just traveling to and fro, but Sunday should be our day to explore. I am longing to take a jog somewhere in the city, as well as see a few sights (which for me means eating some great food also). We are staying with some friends of my sister Ashley's (with whom I hope I can safely call my friends also). They are residents of the City.
This is my first trip to the City. It also my youngest sister, Regi's first trip. She is an artist and longs to go to NY. She is probably ready to leave as we speak.
I am sure in the days to come I will post more about my pathetic feelings about leaving for a whole 72 hours...but for now, this is it!


AJ and Miranda said…
You seriously have no idea how utterly beautiful the whole atmosphere of NYC is! Oh, I would drop all two and .5 of my kids to jump at the chance of going back there. OK, I have alterior motives (to really just drop the .5!! hehe) You will LOVE it
Ehlan said…
How SUPER exciting!!! I love NYC!!! I have been 3 times now and I long to go back every time I hear someone is going... sigh... Will you have time for a show??
Yay! I also drove to NYC a couple of years ago. {7 months pregnant no less!} You will enjoy every minute... have a run for me!
Miss said…
as I was already super excited for you about this in person..I will not focus on this.
INstead, I have to talk about the nursing babe
I know what I am about to say will make you vomit =) BUt, when Tucker was just SEVEN WEEKS old I HAD to leave him for over 48 hours for an out of town wedding....and we BOTH survived (I am talking nursing boobs made it and he didn't wean from me!) =) All this to say, that I KNOW your tiny baby who has no reserve on her body WILL indeed make it! =)

you on the other hand....thats a total different story! =) haha just kidding

you guys are going to have a FANTASTIC time...BRING YOUR CAMERA and take 1.000.000 pictures!
Becca said…
Ohhhh, I love NYC! Hubby surprised me a few years ago with a week trip. So fun! YOu'll really enjoy it, and I know you and the kids will do just fine.

BTW, i just noticed your twitter about Tarzan. What!?! I don't even know how the CD got into our house, but Eva dances to it almost every morning. She is obsessed! That is so funny that your kids like it too!
raggedy ash said…
My friends are your friends, of course!

Your Central Park running chaperone has been secured.

we should talk deets...soon!

can't wait to hang out for 18 hours in the car and in the greatest city on earth!

big love,
ash <3
Your friends, Verge and Laura are thrilled that you are coming! Can't wait for you to be our guests.
Let me know if there is anything that we can arrange/reserve/plan for your time in the city.
Can't wait!
WHAT???!!! A blog...from the...the...infamous...LAURA & VERGE! I was completely unaware that you had entered the blogging world! OH...I am so warmed to my inner being that you guys are hosting us! I CANNOT wait...I only wish I had more time (well maybe I do have more....or maybe Ash doesn't...or maybe I am just not sure I could stand to be away any longer)!!!

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