I am back...and I am so happy! I am happy to be re-united with my family and children, I am happy to be done driving and I am happy to have had an amazing experience away!
Full posts will follow, but I wanted to wet your whistle a bit, and get your prepared for the "awesome-ness" of my trip to NYC!
This is my sis, Ash, and I. We used this trick a few times on our 22 hour long trip there. Needless to say the drive there went much more smoothly than the trip home!

This was my view for much of the trip as well. Any momma who has ever pumped knows what this is! What can you do but laugh...This was after we had arrived.....looking a bit tired....but couldn't pass up the opportunity to see a comedy show in the city and then go on to Time Square an a couple of amazing eats!
OH...and these amazing people. These 2 amazing woman were our hostess'! We could not have asked for more gracious hostess'. We were greeted with an amazing cheese tasting, wine, and bread when we arrived. This was followed by many hours of sight seeing, some jogging, more amazing food and many other things...all at their guidance! Laura & Verge your kindness could not be rivaled! THANK YOU! The view of the city as we were traveling into Manhattan that night on the train. How could I resist! Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera, but I was able to catch some moments with a nice little point & shoot that I borrowed!

And that's it for now! Make sure to check back for more amazing NYC moments...as as my twitter said!
Our NYC adventure has come to a close, but Baby Elephant Ears is just beginning!


raggedy ash said…
even though i was there, i can't wait to read the posts!!! :)

So much fun!!!
Thank you so much for driving and driving and driving to get here.
Bridget said…
oh how fun!! :) i followed your twitter the whole trip :)
Ehlan said…
Glad you had a great time! Can't wait to hear more and see more! And especially more about baby elephant ears!
Alicia said…
what a great time! i want to go there so bad.

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