I feel like I could shout this from the mountain tops...because to me...this is a huge milestone! Yesterday was a gorgeous day, and I took full advantage by planning out a challenging run! So I set off after worship to run from our church to my parents home for lunch!
10 miles!!!
My very first double digit run....EVER!
I completed the run with only one quick in n' out stop at a friends for a restroom break!
Now the question is if I should sign up for the Earth Day Half Marathon?! It's less than a month away and would be an additional 3.1 miles! We'll see how sore I am tonight...


Yes. Do it. I am! The earth day, that is. If you can do 10 miles, then the rest of the miles will be fine. I know everyone says that, but it really is true.
Isn't it awesome to know that your body can do it? I love that feeling! Congrats.
p.s. I am *not* missing a toenail myself. Take the nail polish off and prove it!
Jen said…
You should do Earth Day...I'll be there. If you can do 10, you're right on schedule for training! Congrats - you rock!!!
Hannah W said…
You should definitely do the half marathon. I just did one on Saturday. You will LOVE it and you'll become addicted and keep signing up for more!
Miss said…
I am TOTALLY TOTALLY impressed!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! =)

so, how DO you feel today?
nguim21 said…
Hey! I am running the St.Cloud Earth Day 1/2 marathon! A couple of coworkers and I are running it. You should do it!

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