Where are the muffin tins?

I was so relieved to see that per my quiz there are others out there like me. Others who at times, might neurotically rearrange their kitchen gadgets, grains and canned goods just for the sake of making it more conducive to our working environment. Some days this begins by putting something away and realizing it might be better placed elsewhere...which means "elsewhere's" items now need a new home...and so on and so forth. Other times it just begins with a new container. The second shelf may be shorter than the first in the upper cabinets, so..I'll need to move this container to fit the new one in.
However it happens, it leaves others confused. Not that there are many "others". But at times there are people who grace me by putting away or doing some dishes. My mother, on occasion, will chip in and do a sink full after children are all sleeping. My friend Jess has been known to fit in doing a dish or two in between diaper changes and "palapa" making while babysitting. And there is of course Scott; who when he does dishes is my hero of heroes.
This leads us to an issue. I rearrange. I know where I put things. Others don't. Maybe I should just make a map every time I rearrange?
Ok...so if I make a map, will more people come do the dishes for me? I really do despise the site of dirty dishes sitting around. And even as I type this there is a counter full (and sink) of dishes needing to be cleaned and put in their home. However, right now, that would just be too....errr...noisy?! Is that a good reason?
All of that to say..I am glad there are others out there like me!


Miss said…
oh that is sooo me...always always always re-arranging my cupboards!! =)
Rachel said…
I love when others do my dishes too!!! But no one every understands my kitchen (it's not laid out "normally" cuz I have like 2 drawers and very little cupboard space so I have to be very creative), so I'm often looking for things after people have been here!

maybe I should make a map too? lol... like anyone would read it!

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