is like....well...trying to keep me moving these days. BUT...amidst that I have about 14,000 posts planned (yeah right!...I mean like 4).

But just to keep things up to date I must admit to several things:

-Pearl is now potty trained mostly. She is doing well most days...with a fluke here and there! Right on schedule with the other 3...trained by 2 1/2. NICE...diapers are moving even further away in the rear view mirror.

-Baby Elephant Ears is a full time job these days...most hours being at night or in the morning. My mom has been saving me with a day a week of work time. Bless her darn nice soul!

-Scott, now graduated, has totally been enjoying his Thursday evenings home...but of course his work has taken up any slack we thought we might get. Such is life...

-I'm thriving right now. WAIT...I don't mean that in a good way. I'm thriving because that's what I do when my plate is too full. So...the cookie eventually crumbles and I am NOT looking forward to that day!

-I'm running again...for about 2 months now. It's not much...approx. 3 miles each day...but it's a treadmill! What more can I expect out of a massive boredom session!

-My children are growing. I hate it. Period.

OH...and last but not least I am going to attempt to do a PHOTO FRIDAY tomorrow...chronicling the day in photos. I replaced my 35mm lens I can actually take photos that require less than 5 feet of distance between the subject and I!

Anyway...there you go!


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