Photo Friday

This is our photos (and a few words)

Our night ended by going on a surprise date with my husband. What a beautiful end to the day.


Katie said…
what a great collection of your day...and my the eggs! the picture of the eggs is great. do you have a fancy camera to make those eggs look so beautiful, or is that just farm life?!
Katie...they really look better in person! I have a Nikon D40 Digital SLR and that photo was taken with the average 35mm lens. I didn't use flash and tried to capture the real color with natural was morning (obviously) so I did have some nice light...but nothing fancy!

Confession? I keep the eggs in clear glass bowls in the refrigerator because I just love how cute they look!

Thanks for the comment!
Bridget said…
i LOVE photo friday!!! I love pictures anyday but photo friday is awesome!

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