A tail of two...

Pony Tails of Course!!!

My girls have had long hair since...well...since it grew long! Lilly has had one small trim and Sylvi has not ever had a cut. I don't do this to torture them or do I force them. They have liked it or not noticed it until now. Lilly has been asking for approx. 4 months for a haircut to look like one of her friends , but I'm always careful to allow them time to think on a decision. So...soon after Sylvi started asking as well and lo and behold a couple of months later I scheduled the day.

Here is Sylvi's before.
Lilly's Before:

The Two Tails of Course!

Sylvi's After (excuse the horrible photos'....they are from my phone!):

Lilly's After:

They were entirely too excited to get the cuts done. That is one think I love about making them ponder a decision like this...they build excitement and then we don't typically have to deal with a meltdown after the fact because they made a decision they weren't sure of. I couldn't have cared less if they wanted a cut...I just wanted them to be certain they wanted one!
It also added that I had just done a haircut....it made them want it even more!
Let me tell you...they look fantastic. They love them. They fit the personalities of each of them.


Ehlan said…
They both look so grown up! Beautiful girls!!
SaraK said…
The girls look so cute! Nia has mentioned a few times about cutting her hair...usually when I'm brushing it! Your new do looks awesome too!

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