I love life. But even more I love living. Living with my family and my children. But...there are days.
I have been lighting candles more often. Candles seemed for so long...a thing of the past. But as the children grow they are now a part of my home again.
I know that seems silly, but being able to light candles again is just another way that I know this life cycle is moving. It means my children are growing. It means I have a moment to light them and then another moment to enjoy them.

It's just, to me, indicative of life moving forward.
As with many things in life, not just the kids, but my marriage, my church home, my friendships...they're all moving forward.

The glow of a candle warms my eyes. I, for a moment, feel a small peace. Similar to that peace you feel when a moment of contentment fills your soul. It's that warmth that lets you know you're not alone in this. That the experience you are's for a bigger purpose.

It just feels good. It feels peaceful to be moving forward. We are in our forever home. We are set with where we are at....and we are looking for new family adventures. We don't want to be complacent or comfortable. So we're looking....looking for ways to continue the movement.

But the peace of this moment is enough to help me melt into this seat and think on the adventures ahead.


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