New Year New Change

That's right...I made a change. Hard to believe for anyone who knows me...I've had long hair for a long...long...long...time! I rarely change it much. Not because I don't desire to, but because really isn't priority for me. I don't think about it...I don't ruminate on's doesn't occur to me on a regular basis that a change might look (and feel) nice.
But I was approached for an opportunity to cut it LIVE on a local television show Twin Cities Live. I was all for the experience and said yes. So below you'll see the before (shameful) shots...looking at them now I am fairly embarrassed.
Keep in mind I had NO makeup on and had just washed my face to get ready for the show. I had also not washed my hair yet...(but really this is pretty accurate to how it looks most days).

I really like it. It's fresh, new and healthy. The ponytail they cut was at least 6-7 inches, plus the amount she cut to straighten it out and then the massive amount of layers she cut in. It feels so nice. I guess I just need to keep making changes! Physical, emotional and relational.
Here we go 2011~


Anne said…
I love it! I sent you an e-mail as well!! :)
Katie said…
that's great!! did you record your debut? with the last 2 pregnancies I donated 10 inches each time...thanks to prenatals:) it is amazing what a refresher something as simple as a haircut can offer. kudos for your courage!! fun fun!
Korey said…
Looking good momma! :D
blueviolet said…
It looks so healthy and bouncy and vibrant. Love it!
Ehlan said…
Super cute! What a change!

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