Ringing it in....

This past 3-4 days have been packed full....I mean...FULL! We have had birthday parties, New Years Celebrations, Second Christmas Celebrations, Ice skating and so much more...
This is a fantastic 40th Birthday Party for my friend Kristen! It was a blast...one of my favorite restaurants and a great friend! Happy Birthday Kristen! So happy to have spent this great night with you!
A lot of bath times....a LOT...baths in the tub, in my parents jacuzzi, with swim hats and tea parties...a lot of parfaits (ya know..bubbles and stuff) made by my babies!

A Second Christmas weekend...the children wore their pajamas to Ani's house to have a breakfast burrito brunch and fantastic mimosa's for Momma!
Later that day we spent the afternoon at my parents house and had our traditional Lobster Newburg dinner! The kids skated with Scott and I stayed warm inside =)

Lastly we spent New Years Eve at my greatest friends house...partying the night away in the hot tub, lots of good food even better friendship! The children almost ALL made it to midnight...to watch the ball drop! Pearl fell asleep just short (3 minutes early).
After explaining what the "ball drop" was...we watched and felt rather disappointed. Somehow...the way I remember it was much more exciting! Oh well...the kids thought it was great and the Bigs were excited to have stayed up until midnight!

All in all a fantastic weekend. We won't talk just yet about how it ended. But let's just say that it doesn't change my opinion that it was a great 2010 and it's going to be an even better 2011!
I just know it!

OH...and let's just say that my waist line is NOT recovered yet. It may be a few...or 120 days!


blueviolet said…
I think all of our waist lines are feeling it these days, but from the looks of things here, your holidays were well worth it!
Bridget said…
You looked totally amazing before AND after your haircut :) Its sad that I have to see you on tv to see you :) LOL Lets plan a date soon with the kiddos :)

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