Cry for help...literally!

Well happened.

I am usually spoken of in high regard by those, especially moms, around me. I am affectionately called things such as "Martha", "Supermom" and others alike. But let me tell you I did not feel super in any way yesterday.

I was watching my husband snuggle up with our son on the couch prior to bedtime. Something was off, something was not OK. I continued to watch Finn as he snuggled in and yawned as though he had not seen a wink of shuteye in years...he shuttered a little with each yawn and my instinct knew something was up. I asked Scott a number of times if he seemed OK to him, or if he thought he felt warm. We had spent the day at a pool and so I thought he had maybe taken in too much sun.

Off to bed all 4 children went and Scott and I began preparations for our entry into sleepy wonderland. This came to a halt as I heard Finn yell from his I went to tuck him back in. However, I knew from the way he was muttering his words and writhing around that vomit was in our near future. He has only been ill enough to vomit 2 previous times and all of my children exude the same signs prior to getting sick. In to his room I went 2 more times before I yelled "scott could you please go get a bucket".....and on our evening went. I will let you imagine how the rest of the night went.

The next morning we continued our Tylenol regiment (as his temp. was about 102) only to find in the morning that Sylvi also had a similar temperature. She then followed in his footsteps of symptoms and outcome. Pearl and Lilly seemed to be holding up, but soon after Pear would enter a fussiness unusual to her as well.

THAT WAS IT...there I sat on the couch with all 4 children...2 screaming and crying in pain, 1 baby crying of hunger and frustration and then a jolly 4 year old dancing around the room. In went the call. I have not done this before, so it was very difficult to think that I would not possibly make it through the day without reinforcements.

"Mom," i said, "I am calling in reinforcements (the sound of dry heaves in the background from Finn, Pearl screaming and sylvi crying)","I need your help...can you please come over?". Of course she was more than happy....but I felt like a failure.

I know I am not...I know she was more than happy to come and would NEVER think of me as failing because I needed her help that morning. But I am over it...I now realize what a blessing it is to have her and know that I can call upon her. You see I would love to be able to call upon my brother at times...whether I had failed or not...but I can't. So why would I care what it meant to call upon my mom's help? I shouldn't and I won't ever again. The next time I need her I know she will be just as willing to come...and I will know I have not failed.


Miss said…
uhh...I think that makes you a WINNER when you realize you JUST CANT DO IT ALONE!!!!

=) I am so sorry you had a crappy day!
Oh I can only imagine... and I agree with Miss... defiantly not a failure. None of us can do it alone and make it out okay. :)

hope everyone feels better soon

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