Emotional Eater I am!

This post pains me to my very core. For you see I am an emotional eater! I eat to soothe, I eat because I am elated, I eat because I am bored...you name the emotion and I eat because of it! So the below item tore me to pieces when i chose not to eat it. But to make that choice I had to dispose of it completely as to not salvage any of it and ingest it later! Down the drain it went.

This is my cotton candy blizzard that my husband brought home. It too, was part of a birthday surprise. Unfortunately, it was not a welcomed surprise by me. I love the thought of eating it...but not so much the calorie count and feeling I get when indulging. SOOO MUCH SUGAR and that just does not sit well with me. Don't get me wrong..once in a while I indulge in these things..but for now...for me right now it's not a good idea. So I washed it down the drain! PAINFUL....VERY PAINFUL... so until a later date! Goodbye cotton candy blizzard.


raggedy ash said…
given how painful it was for me to even VIEW this post, i can imagine the turmoil of actually dumping it and washing it down the drain. the battles win the war, true story.

Miss said…
wow...TOTALLY impressive! I would have been like, well, I guess I need to eat it, b.c he DID bring it home just for me! =)

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