Oh she naked!

My very talented, artsy fartsy sister agreed to do a painting for me in the girls' room. I had seen a painting she had started in her room and thought my girls would love it. SO on Sunday when we were all away she came in solitude to do what she does best. She isn't finished quite yet; there are details that she wants to touch up, but the painting in it's current state began an interesting little conversation.

We had a friend drop in yesterday with her 3 children (5yrs, 2yrs & 4mos) and Lilly was ever so excited to immediately show them the impending work of art. They all ran back to her room to see it, Finn shortly behind them.

The conversation went something like this:

Lilly: "Come see my surprise Haily!"

Hailey: Upon seeing the painting "Is that a fairy?"

Lilly: "Yeah, It's a fairy. Regi painted it!"

Finn: "And she's naked!"

I wasn't aware that at 2 1/2yrs old this was an known fact. And so here it is...the naked, unfinished fairy painting. THANKS REG!


raggedy ash said…
best blog post title, by the way!

if only you had audio to go along with this one... :)

who has the coolest little sisters ever? me.

4under3 said…
Oh cute! I love your little naked fairy. And great color combo.

And sorry about the thrush. Luke had it out of our 4..and we just used the medicine they gave us. Ohhh..that was the worst. It felt like it took forever to get over, especially when he was such a refluxy baby and would usually spit up all his medicine. Hang in there. I bet she doesn't have it when she goes to Kindergarten. ;)
Miss said…
What a great painting~~ i need to hire her to paint somthing in my house! =)

And how excited does it make you to deal with a boy as a teenager when at TWO he notices nudity! =) ahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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