What time is it?

And at this moment I am preparing some amazing morsels of goodness for our morning breakfast. Lined up in a neat row as if they had just popped up from mother natures grandeur are these tender bran muffins that we love so dearly.

My children and I are awaiting the sunrise to brighten our day and signal that it's time to enjoy our goodness before a morning worship service. What a way to start of a day of rest.


Miss said…
mmmm....and THANK YOU for letting me join in on your morning morsels of goodness! =)

I am waiting for the yummy cookies you promised me! =) Maybe after vacations??
ACTUALLY...they're on my counter...I forgot to give you somet this morning. Not as A-MA-ZING as I had hoped..but nice none the less. I will share SOON!
4under3 said…
Oh, you are an amazing woman. Wasn't Pearl just born? Shouldn't you be dragging you feet around the house wondering when you'll get your next wink of sleep? I'm pretty sure I didn't touch the oven let-alone a mixing bowl until the girls were at least 6 months old. ;) You rock mama!
Ok tiffany...you get some more slack though...you had 2 BABIES at one time. I know I practically have 4 "babies", but they are singlets. And I have a feeing you are slightly EXAGGERATING! You seem like you are just as DIY as I am!

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