I run therefor, I am

Here it is...well, here I am almost 6 weeks postpartum and my journey has really just begun! These gems that you see too the left are my spankin' new running shoes, custom fitted by a running specialist and ready to hit the road. They have only done this, hit the road, one time thus far. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I decided that these one day old beauties needed their maiden voyage! Ambitious for me, because you see, I usually do not unveil my post baby body in it's running debut until well into the 3rd or 4th month. But with such amazing weather and a caring husband to tend to the children I took the opportunity to "jam out" to my ipod and get in the zone.

The zone proved to be more illusive than I though, however. I forget so quickly what a love/hate relationship running is for me. For many, many months I drooled at the idea of hitting the road, shuffle at my side, to relieve some stress and drop some lb's! I forget, much like birth, how painful this process really is. I forget how long it takes for this stretched, mortified, somewhat out of what body of mine to get back into the swing of things.

Much to my surprise, however, is that I made it...the whole way...well the whole short way. I cropped my typical loop of 3.5 miles down to 2 miles knowing my inability to start where I had left off 7 months ago. And here I am today....with thighs that feel powerless over the weight of the body they are holding up! OOOOOHHH child they hurt. But that is good, it means I fought the good fight and began this journey.

And drum roll please.....these shoes were my ever so thoughtful gift from my husband for my birthday. I have typical "moms syndrome" when it comes to purchasing things; I try to find a good deal. This applies to even my running shoes. My husband knows this plight and decided to take it upon himself to change this and get me into some custom fitted beauties (see above picture) that may even cost a bit more. So after the sticker shock has worn off, the expert "fitter" fee was paid and our visit ended. We ventured over to the nearest Byerly's (oh this was a treat for in our quaint town the closes we get to this is Cub...blahhhh) and purchase a gorgeous tuna steak to grill for my birthday dinner. What a treat!

Ok now I'm taking a different road...but back to subject...the shoes are great. The running not so much (YET)! But as it has in the past, it will get better and I will begin to thrive on my time along in these shoes.


raggedy ash said…
run on, sister, RUN ON!!!! I'm so so so so so proud of you. you continue to be, in all seasons of life, an inspiration to me...and partially, an object of envy. those shoes are hot and i don't want be trotting by your side with my raggedy old sneaks. :) just kidding. kind of.

your post is a bit misleading though...you ran TWICE in your new shoes, 2 days in a row even. big ups to you!

lub lub.

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