Hush.....Thrush little baby don't you cry

HEEELLLP! Women...if you have any natural remedies to thrush that you KNOW work please let me know. I have had it with all 4 children and even a prescription for it doesn't always work. This time the prescription hasn't worked, nor has a mixture of baking soda/water and vinegar/water. Does anyone have anything that might be worth trying??


Natalie said…
Has she already tried Gentian Violet?

Also, acidophilus is always a good idea.

grapefruit seed extract!!! i had a wicked case of thrush; i took diflucan, used gentian violet, acidophilus..but the combo of the GV and GSE was what killed it, i think. GSE isn't cheap, really...i was told to use the drops and the pills, so i did both. you dilute the drops in water and drop a little in the baby's mouth and on your nips. and you take the pills a few times a day.

just have her google GSE and thrush; it'll tell her what she needs to know.

Hey Alicia...this is Natalie Robison (Smith), our Moms work together and share lots and lots of grandma stories, lol. And I graduated with your hubby there (hey Scott!)...anyways, I belong to a parenting message board and I asked about thrush and these were a few responses I got, hope they maybe help! Emily had thrush when she was about 4ish months but I never contracted it myself, they just did the purple dye stuff for her and it was gone. Congrats on the new little one!
Anonymous said…
I had this with mine as well. The natural remedies were VERY slow. The prescription didn't work - so finally the doctor pulled out his "big Guns" and Diflucin worked.

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