Blog Happy!

I began this blog adventure not knowing that I would/could keep up yet another "committment". What I have found is completely compelling to me! I have not only come to love this outlet called a blog, but have also come to be a blog defender of sorts. I find myself defending the slander it receives as times...or should I say the slander that those busy moms receive. It all started with my dear hubby, asking questions and making slight remarks about my time committment to posting/checking blogs. I was, at first, flabbergasted at his disgust in my new found hobby! And anyhow,...who is he to judge what I do with my free time right? Well ok...I am getting all crazy about it...he wasn't saying all that much and I was taking it way too personally!

Anyhow...I have heard (and dare I say even made) comments about "when do they have time to go on the internet when they have ## kids running around?", or "what are the kids doing when she's on the internet?". I am sure these comments have also been made of me...yes I have 3 kids 3 and under and currently have an 8 week old as well...but do I find time to blog? Ohhh yess i do! Because this has turned out to be the most gratifying outlet I have ever done. I find that when I think of something "blog worthy" I am delighted to my inner most that I can share this moment with those who chose to read...may it be only 3 or 4 people or 300....I CAN SHARE IF I WANT!

So with these things said....I appreciate so much this freedom I have found in has given me an outlet I never knew possible! So blog on ladies, moms and the like! BLOG ON!


Rachel said…
AMEN!! I have time and time again felt the need to defend my blogging.. not because I have any kids at all, but because it's on the internet and who are "those" people that are reading?

I think sometimes people think because strangers are reading it's creepy. But I've been that creepy stranger that gets pulled into someone else's world. And I'm not that creepy at all :-) Not that you don't have to be careful on the internet, but I don't think blogging is bad at all!

And the freedom is wonderful.
No rachel you're not creepy...because if you were that would make me creepy too! Just 2 women needing a break from "reality" for 5 minutes...or needing to vent feelings/emotions...or just needing and ear (albeit a large ear) to listen!
I could not agree more. I have thought about having a blog for several years and REALLY thought It would be just one more thing to do. Not only do I enjoy blogging BEYOND measure..I have been sucked into the world of checking blogs regularly! =) YEAH!!! It connects us to a world where people speak beyond a 5 year old level! =)

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