Freedom in 49 Flavors!

I know this may sound so futile to some...but listen to my reasons and then you can judge! So Jelly Belly's are one of my favorite candies b/c of so many reasons; one of which being the variety. When else can you have a slice of key lime pie one second and then indulge in a strawberry margarita? So yesterday in a costco mindtrap I froze in front of the cases and cases of these beauties! But wait...I HAD A COUPON! Yes now instead of being $14.99 they would only be $10.99! What a deal! So I could not pass it up and I am so glad I didn't because I am enjoying one at a time as if it were my last. Thanks for the freedom to chose Jelly Belly. In my life getting to chose is a privilege. =)


You know that there is a Jelly Belly factory righ there in Kenosha...oh yessssss! and you can take a tour and when you guys come out and see me we can go!!!!! oh yea and the best part...FREE SAMPLES!
oh, I wish I had asked you to get me some of those!! They are also one of my favorites...I may be stopping by later! =)
Others are always welcome to come and partake in anything I have...including favorite things! They are the most fun to enjoy among friends/family!

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