What will I do when it's my children?

When I was young, my sister and brother and I all thought my parents were done having kids. WE WERE WRONG! When I was 10 God blessed us with an unexpected 4th child. We knew the minute we saw her she was ours (a Schuman as we say...that's my maiden name). It wasn't an easy process but after many years she was officially ours to keep! I thank God every day for her....but there is a down side. She is growing up! My younger brother was only 3 years younger and my older sis was 13 mos. older, so I had no concept of what it was like to actually watch someone grow up! I DO NOW! And I can't say that I really like it. Regi is now 16 and looks like she's 20. She is a beautiful, talented, amazing young woman and I am so thankful to have been a part of her growing up. But I still see her in my mind as this little girl wearing jean bib overalls running around my parents farm playing and loving all the animals. We used to have sooo much fun, all of us kids together!

The moment I realized this was the picture above of her in her cheerleading uniform. She walked up to my house in this outfit and before she could get inside I was standing at the door camera in hand...I truly cannot believe what a great human being she has turned out to be....and GORGEOUS to boot! I had to snap a photo. The other photos are a couple nights later as she was ready to go to a dance at high school!

Regi if you are reading this I LOVE YOU and am so proud of who you are! I know I am hard on you, but that's my job.

I do not know how I am going to handle my own children growing up if this is how I feel about my sister!


raggedy ash said…
what a beautiful tribute to our precious baby sister. i'm so glad god wasn't done with 3 kids. how did we get so blessed? i'll spend the rest of my life pondering this one...including the day when it's lilly, finn, sylvi or bebe 4 all grown up....yikes!

big love to you, your blog blesses me sister.

in gratitude, humility & sincerity,
seriously....she looks WAY too old! And I agree, how the HECK are we going to watch our kids grow that old? Maybe Tate can be Lillys date so we at least will know they are both in good hands! =) haha (and Tuck can be Sylvis...and Finn and Ella could be together...I am sure we could convince Ella to date a younger man!) haha

Did she have a good time at the dance??
I agree with you both, Reg is sure amazing and growing up to be beautiful.
Rachel said…
she is so gorgeous!!! I haven't seen her in like ten years!!

Side note, what school does she go to? Those aren't CI colors...
she's a competative cheerleader so they do not wear the school colors....she does go to CI.

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