But I feel GREAT!

Seriously I feel awesome right now! I love being pregnant and it (usually) loves me! I feel healthy as ever, more beautiful than ever, happier than ever and just all around great (I know gag me right?). But apparently my body is not agreeing....so they tell me. As if I need one more thing to think I am FAILING at! I FAILED my glucose test (the one hour) and I failed my iron test (again...). So now I have to go sit in the clinic for another 3 hours to have a long glucose test and take iron pills....ICK to both! Please if you are reading this pray that the glucose test comes back fine...I do not want this baby to come into something like gestational diabetes. I try to take care of myself as much as possible and this is a horrible feeling to think I am failing at that! Thanks.


With my seconded I failed the hour sugar test, but when I took the second one it came back fine. So there is hope that you might test just fine! I will pray for you!

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