Hair Trauma

Before we messed with greatness!
My punked out little man!

A little dramatic I know. But any of you who know me know that my little boys hair is a big deal to me. Reason being, the minute they get that "big boy" haircut they grow up like 2 years immediately. Well unfortunately that is what had to happen. His hair was a little shaggy (which I like...but a little too shaggy) before we left last week and I thought we should have it trimmed. My normal "stylist" is a good friend who was going to be having a baby 3 days later...didn't really feel like asking her sausage fingers if they could get in one more haircut! (love you mandi) So we brought him in...and lo and behold my fears were confirmed...he came home looking like a cross between a monk and a 1980's hockey player! IT WAS HORRIBLE! So I had scott bring him back in...this time it got a monk with short bangs and a mullet all at the same time! So it was at this time I chose to take matters into my own hands and take him in myself the next day. The only option was to cut it much shorter...and I'm trying the whole faux hawk thing. Not the best for him...but it's the best I could do with what I had. But as I said he now looks like he's about 5 and not 2! Sad days!


I understand....but he still looks so stinken adorable!! And only 4.5 and not 5 if that makes you feel any better! =) haha

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