Ok I am crying out for some much needed "it's ok I've done it before"'s....I have not been feeling well yesterday and today. Yesterday I stuck with it, did my usual routine and my usual things until about 5pm. Today however I have not done my routine..I have instead rested on the convenience of DVD's and quality children's programming. I feel horrible...I feel like I have done something wrong. Even though I know that I will be the one to pay when I am feeling better and I go back to our usual routing of 1/2 hr in the morning (ok some mornings more...) and 1/2 hr before nap; the kids will undoubtedly be bummed! So ladies and gents...please offer me a "that's ok, we all do it when we need to.". Without it today I do not know how I would've made it through! Thanks.


Oh miss Alicia...YOU ARE SOOO Hard on yourself. PLEASE know you did not do ONE thing wrong. First of all, you are very pg with 3 tiny little kids. Second of all, you are not feeling well. Third of all, you dont need ANY reasons to have a bumb day like this one! When I was editing every free minute of the day I utilized the DVD player a bit more than I ever thought I would. The reality is they ended up actually WATHCING very little b.c they would eventually find themselves playing. But, when I needed them to sit quietly for at least a few minutes, putting one in did the trick! DONT even think about it anymore! Its my command!
Ehlan said…
It's okay, we all do it when we need to !:) You are an awesome Mommy!!
raggedy ash said…
al -

your kids are extremely intelligent, socially advanced, and ridiculously dynamic. tv doesn't raise kids like that, good people do. you've created a foundation in 3 1/2 years that some folks spend a lifetime working on with their children. take a day, take a week (SCANDALOUS!) and let them watch TV. your kids seem to thrive on routine, well prob. yr fam as a whole thrives, and you know darn well that every time they get thrown off - vacation, house guests, whatever - you guys always resume normalcy. or should i say chaotic normalcy.

i'm just praying that you get better, get back to feeling as close to 100% as you can right now and your kids will roll with it.

team awesome.

big love,

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