What a sweet, sweet day!

I don't know how all of your valentines day's were, but mine rocked! You all saw the pics of the kids and thier valentines cards. Scott also bought each of them a red carnation, of which Finn was way more intrigued with the wrapper that must've resembled a "bang" as he put it!

During the day life was a little chaotic as I had 5 kids 3 and under that day. I had agreed to watch a couple of "extras" for some friends. But as you'll see above, we all frosted cupcakes, and then I got to enjoy eating some too!

But once they were all gone things changed rapidly. My lovely sis, Ashley, had offered to take the kids (YES all 3) overnight. She was working from home on friday and would be able to get them back here early friday morning. The kids were soooo excited to have a "sleepover" at auni's house. They were also very excited to watch a movie in bed! I had ordered a papa murphy's heart shaped pizza, heart shaped cookie and soda for them to have for dinner with Ash. As for us, I had planned an amazing meal. I was very excited to try a couple of new things and make dinner at my pace, with no children tugging my legs, no meltdowns, and slowly if I please! IT WAS HEAVEN! Our menu was (Scott's treat) Non alcoholic Bellini's while we were making dinner. For the main course I made Butternut Squash Tortellini with a brown butter sauce, and a side of Champagne Risotto with crispy Prociutto. It was sooo good!

Of course Scott had planned desert. He planned strawberries to dip in melted chocolate and some amazing champagne truffles! He also got me flowers, which I love! I am definately a "flowers" kind of girl..and he always hand picks the arrangments and gets my favorites! He is the sweetest man! Oh how nice it was to just talk and have no interruptions...then I took a bath while he did the dishes!!!!!!!! WHAT A GREAT DAY!

I do have to say I was completely exhausted the next day, but all worth it!


Ehlan said…
Sounds so wonderful!! I think you should post those recipies too--I would love to try them! Mmmm!
I am so jelous I cant even speak. I didnt even get a card =( Thats me pouting!

I am actually sooo glad to hear you guys had such a great day. I am in much need of a good date with my hubby. I always am about 2 weeks after having a baby!
raggedy ash said…
hey...i just realized i didn't even eat one of those cupcakes?!?! that's criminal!

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