So many things to say...

I love days like today! It's beautiful outside, but I don't have to go out there if I don't want to! I had worship team practice this morning and we ventured out to the grocery store as a fam but that's it! We're home for the night and I am already in my sweats!
My parents took Sylvi, the youngest, for the day today and I miss her terribly! She is a little terror at home but charms your pants off ALL the time...she has an amazing redeaming quality like none other. Sylvi never get's the chance to have 100% attention on her so I'm sure she is soaking it up big time! Every girl deserves that right?
Right now all other kids (including Scott) are napping...and I hear quiet and wind! What a beautiful sound. I have arranged a bunch of picture frames and ordered pics to go in them! Man I am productive with an hour of free time!
It is also these days that bring me back to earth though...and yes I miss my brother and grandmother terribly today! My bro loved winter and everything he would have been out in this crazy winter wonderland living it up today! Probably stopping by for some food at some point...miss that!
My little sis (regina, 16yrs) is going to the Snodaze dance tonite and I get so nervous. SHe is drop dead georgous and naive as can be! That is a bad combo...but she is just going with friends so I am sure she'll be fine. She called last night for hair advice and came to borrow some heels (as lilly calls them, how cute). I love that I am still good for something to her at 16.
What a great day!


wow...I didnt even know quiet and wind existed anymore! =) haha

I am glad you got to enjoy yourself. I miss you!!
oh, and I matter how good it is to have one gone I always miss them so much when they are! =)

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