The craziness in numbers!

How many numbers/stats/dates are we given in a day...A LOT if you ask me lately. If you read my post "50 Days Left" I'm sure you are most likely confused by now about when I am actually due...and what does it all mean (yeah as if anyone but me really cares that much). The Dr.'s have now entered into thier "official" computer the last date, May 3rd, as my due date. Don't get me wrong...I "officially" disagree with this and will still be saying April 18th is my due date. With that said I have yet another number to push me to believe my date is April 18th. At your appt. they always measure your stomach and the number of cm. should match the number of weeks that you are along; SHOULD being the operative word there. I know I know...we all measure a little off sometimes and the Dr's don't even bat an eye at it. It's normal to measure a couple weeks ahead sometimes and whatnot...the way the baby is sitting may be funny, or how you are carrying. BUT...the last 4 appt.'s I have had I measure a minimum of 4 1/2 weeks ahead...this last appt. being 6 weeks ahead!!! ARE YOU KIDDING mean to say that this maybe not only may be late (according to my April 18th date) but it may also be GYNORMOUS (pun intended =)? I am not sure if I can handle another number telling me I am "off" to say the least! I have not gained a ton of fact I have only gained weight the last 2 appt's, but as a fellow poster said on her blog , I had a few 'children' to lose in the first place....

Anyhow...just another number right?

So in the spirit of's another "view from here" for you! This is me at 33 weeks.


I am so suprised to hear you are "dsiagreeing" with the doctor!!

I think that was probably sarcastic right?? As in I usually do??? Either way I have definately self diagnosed this one!

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