And the "eyes" have it!

These eyes....they have stolen my heart. This sweet babe of mine has gotten a hold of a part of me that I didn't think existed. She came into this world the same glorious way as the 3 previous, she is just as much ours as the 3 previous, and just as amazingly beautiful as the previous. But I thought I knew what to expect. I thought I knew how this story would go by experience. I was wrong; I did not expect this.
I have know with each child there is a different feeling. There is a new love or a different joy that comes with each knew personality.
Our first babe, Lilly, was the babe that made us parents for the first time. She was our "first" many hundreds of times...she was the one who taught us that our hearts could expand to hold that kind of love.
Our second babe, Finn, stole my heart with the first look. There was something com.pletely unique about having a baby boy and how it made me feel. I say that now, knowing 3 times over, what I feel like after having a sweet girl. It was as if moments after having him I saw years flash before my eyes. I knew that someday, somehow, not intentionally he would break my heart like no other. He stole a piece of my heart that August day that I knew I would never get back.
Our third babe, Sylvi, gave me a sense of amazing joy. And it turns out she is the most joyful babe we have to date. She told me so much about herself with the look in her eyes...she (as I have said many times) invited interaction from moment one.
And now...our fourth babe, Pearl, has caused my heart to grow, yet again, to a size I knew not possible. I didn't realize how attached I would feel to her. Being my fourth, I feared I would not experience her as much as the previous. But on the contrary I find myself savouring every second I have with her in my arms. I miss her simply while she is napping in the next room. My heart swells at her very smell. She is simply beautiful and her eyes, to me, tell it all.


isn't it amazing! God has so much love to give. :)

raggedy ash said…
just noticed the onesie! rock on, pearlie poo! :)
Miss said…
I agree....I think I LOve MORE each time I have a baby! who knew!?

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