NoDak Installment #1

Here's the handsome driver.

Each had a "goodie bag" to open from my sis, auni Ash!

Self inflatable whoopie cushion...what an idea!

A stop for a picnic lunch with playtime and 1 hour later, it was rest time.

And then there were games...paper airplaines anyone?

How about soccer in the gas station Parking lot?

And when in doubt...make your own changing station in the car!

A girls' hair sure doesn't fair well after 7 hours in a carseat.

Who knew 4 small children could do so well in the car for 9 hours?

It all began when my parents purchase a house in Minnewaukan, North Dakota ("kota" as sylvi says). In this same small town lives my aunt, uncle and children. They not only live there, but they run a fishing guide service and own/run the local (and ONLY) grocery store. Their 2 houses, grocery store and my parents house are within 1 block of one another. So when my parents decided to purchase their place and renovate it, their intentions were to use it as a "lake place" and a rental property. ANYHOW, we just returned from a week at their house. Let me tell you we had a wonderful time.

There were festivities we attended, fireworks displays, relaxed days at the house, fishing and much much more. My sweet husband and I were able to run almost everyday and workout..both of us....EVERY DAY! This is a feat worth mentioning if you ask me. The kids were able to sleep in their own, handmade by papa, bunk beds WHICH THEY LOVED!

They were even able to camp outside (lilly & finn that is) on the 4th with their daddy in a tent.

From the house we were able to see not 1, but 2 fireworks displays and have yet another, personal display by Mitchell, in the parking lot in the rear of the house! The kids were amazed. Auntie Rue also bought them glow sticks to use in the dark (pictures of me experimenting with my camera to follow).

We went to the near by city of Devil's Lake to see a parade. The morning of the 4th we got up earlier than usual (scott and I forwent our privilege of allowing one of us to sleep in) and got ready to go into town for breakfast as a family. We went to the main street restaurant and ate on the 2nd floor with a window seat! The children loved it..and their pancakes in the shape of a dog (which they ate entirely up!). We then went down to the street where the children had brought their own chairs to fall back to in between candy fetchings. They behaved like angels...again no fighting, no whining and very little candy eating; except for sylvi. Here's the breakdown of their "parade personalities".

Finn: Hunter/Gatherer just as intended. Not spending one moment to stop and enjoy a piece of his findings...completely enthralled by the goings ons of the parade and gathering as much as he possibly could. He did, however, kindly share when asked.

Lilly: A mix of a giver and gatherer. She sat in the middle and only rarely stopped to enjoy a piece of her sugar laden treats. She too, shared when called upon but with a bit more hesitancy than her brother.

Sylvi: No hunting or gathering here. She was solely interested in picking up 1 piece at a time, sitting her chubby little thighs back on the chair and proceeding to open and eat that piece. At which time she would then either find, or if none were there to be had, ask for another piece and follow suit again.

Well this is probably long enough for I will continue with installment #2 later.


susanc said…
I'm taking my hat off to you both, sounds like an amazing adventure...long drive...I've done one similar in length but two of mine are older than bravo!! :):)
Miss said…
YA GOTTA LOVE GOODIE BAGS!!! =) I will go to the dollar store with the kids before a long trip and they LOVE IT!! =)

I LOVE, adore, wish I had more girls to dress them in those adorable outfits of your girls!! =)

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