Decisions, Decisions....

Here I am...FINALLY got on my new computer. I am completely ecstatic about that and I come to the horrific thought, "I do not know when I will have time to catch up with all of my amazing 'blog friends'.". At the thought I quickly go to one of my favorite sites and realize there are 20 some new posts! WHAT! Another site....another 15 new posts!!! WHAT!! I HATE TO READ..and especially all of this at once?!.!.!

SO I am faced with a or shower? It's so are sleeping, my husband just walked in the door and I need to catch up. Blog or shower? BLOG OR SHOWER?

Against my desire...I will do it......SHOWER!

See you all Thursday (for there will be pictures to follow of the events to be had on Wednesday).


Sorry about that! ha! Not that I assume to be one of your favorite blogs. :) I know what you mean though. I am on the couch most of the day and I have 300 something unread posts in my google reader.

shower was the right decision. A happy clean mama is very valuable! :)

Miss said…
you are very strong to chose the shower....even if I INTEND to shower, I!!

I am exicted to see Zoo photos!! I hope you guys had a blast! =)

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