Yet another parade..

And the children were just as behaved. Oh how I love when my children behave as I wish they would all of the time.

This particular parade is usually the steamiest day of the year and I have to say I was not looking forward to it. However, the day ended up being fairly mild and as the day progressed I became more excited. My dear husband was working late again so the children and I ventured out on our own. My lovely sister and Jessi met us later on and enjoyed some time with the children as well! These are the memories I love about summer.

And again the children exhibited their parade personalities as they had at the previous parade, HOWEVER, they learned a little lesson. I noticed about half way through the parade they began opening candy. This was about at the point that I had begun to let them know that they should slow down on the candy eating. And about 10 minutes later I noticed this:

Finn crouched down next to his candy bucket completely devouring any and all candy! He knew that after the parade I would confiscate the bucket and that would be the end of that.

Then Lilly followed suit (and of course Sylvi was doing that from the beginning so no big change there).

All in all a very joy filled time. We enjoyed time with some friends and family. We enjoyed time together. What a night!


4under3 said…
A busy day!! And a fun one at looks.

So, do you throw the candy after the parade...and hope they forgetaboutit? Or do you give them pieces once in awhile until they're gone?

And....where's Pearl? I haven't seen any close ups of that Cute-as-a-cucumber dolly of yours lately.
About the candy...I sort through and keep the smallest pieces (I throw all suckers.too.messy!), and the ones that there are many of. You see, when given a choice, my children will ALWAYS chose the.same.thing! And then once the novelty has worn off, if there is some left I toss it.

And pearl...well she's there, in her little pink hip hop bootie outfit, laying on the ground. I have a couple to post keep your eyes peeled!

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