The sweet smell of summer

Any of you who may live...well anywhere in Minnesota really, know what I am talking about when I speak of the recent windy days. I love these days. I love the windy, warm aired, sunny days that smell of fresh cut grass. I love the smell, the sounds, and the feelings that accompany these days.

This particular windy day gave me an amazing sense of gratefulness and calm. I don't really know what made it so special...a combination of things maybe. As I sat in my favorite outdoor area, our front porch, feeding my sweet babe as I watch the other small children play I felt almost as airy as the breeze. Maybe it brought me back to childhood? I sat there, calm as can be, joyful as ever, contently gazing up at the blowing leaves...I took in that sound of the wind rushing through the maple in front of me. I took in the feeling of a warm breeze across my face....and I took in the sound of a creaky old tricycle being ridden by one of my children.

It was just a few minutes, ten maybe, but it felt so amazing. It was current and past all at the same time. It was great. Thank you Lord.


Miss said…
this makes me so happy that you enjoyed some minutes of feeling the carefreeness (its a word, i promise) that God so wants for you! =) I love you!

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