Como Park - Firefighter's Picnic 2008

***Look above...we'll try the slide show again***

Every year my family attends the annual Firefighters Picnic at Como Park. My father is a firefighter and has taken us for as long as I can remember. Since we have had children he also invites us along. It is a day filled with treats, rides, animals and fun. There are fire truck rides, all the food you can eat, sweet treats galore and most of all family and friends.

It is always one of the hottest days of the year and this year proved to be no different. The morning began cool and rainy. But by the time we ventured from our suburb to Como it had steamed up a bit. That trend continued throughout the day, however, my parents, the children and I had a blast. The sound of my children laughing from their bellies because they were having so much fun is permanently ingrained in my memory. Lilly and Finn were finally big enough (barely) to get on the kiddie rides. Sylvi had to stand by and watch mostly, but had a great time doing so with her papa. Pearl had a great day riding along on my chest and being overloaded with stimuli! It was great. I cannot wait for next year! Thanks Dad.


Sweet new blog! P.S. I cant get your slide show thing to work. Bummer cause I really wanted to see the pictures!!! I will try again later. Love ya and Miss you all.

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