My cup runeth over

I have found a new joy. It was not so long ago that my morning routine consisted of waking to a hungry baby, brewing a so-so pot of coffee, feeding said baby and then drinking a cup of that coffee with very little enjoyment. I feel as though I drank it just hoping that it would get me somewhere....possibly a place where I was a little more awake, maybe somewhere that children woke up happy every morning or maybe simply a place that would suppress a little of my insatiable appetite =)! Well it didn't bring me ANYWHERE...I knew exactly where I was. In my comfortable rocking chair, nursing a baby as she so comfortably dozed off and feeling as exhausted as I was before I drank my cup of Joe.

ALAS I have, as I said, found a new joy (an almond joy that is..well at least that's what it tastes of after I put my cream and sugar in it). I am at the end of my new "morning joy". My lovely sister introduced me, and so willingly gifted me, some amazing locally roasted coffee. I am in heaven. I prepare everything the evening prior so that my sole responsibility in the morning is to flip the switch. Once this is done I can hear the "goodness" preparing as I feed the babe and wait with anticipation to lay her sweetly back in her crib, pour myself a wonderful cup of coffee and enjoy (until, of course, other wonderful children awake..sometimes happy and sometimes NOT). This first taste has been wonderful. It has brought me back to enjoying my morning cup and allowing it to somehow help my cup once again become full.'s the little things in life!


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