From the mouths of babes

After a run I returned to some happy children who wished to flatter me in the most wonderful way...imitation. Lilly & Finn were set to put on thier "running clothes" and "sneakers" to go for a run. They were stretching and carrying on, and it went something like this:

Momma: "Are you guys stretching out?"

Finn: "I am pumping up my legs!" (in a very manly voice in a staccato fashion)

Jess: "Finn, show me your muscles!"

Finn: (as he's flexing) " I am buff!" (again in a manly, govely voice)

Lilly: (As she speeds off to the back yard) "I am doing a mile!"


Miss said…
so funny! =) I love when they immitate us!!
raggedy ash said…
i believe the direct finn quote may go something like this:

"I'm buffed!"

too two 2 funny!

big love.
ash <3

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