NoDak Installment #2

Well I am sure after reading installment #1 you are thinking there is not way there was any more fun to be had! I fooled you because here comes the rest of the amazing week in North Dakota.
The older children had sleeping bags that ma'ma had bought for them. They were in backpacks and someone just wouldn't take it off:
Here is the story behind the little red dirt bike you are about to see. My brother was an avid outdoorsman as well as a lover of anything that had an engine. He was bound and determined to make sure that my children, especially Finn, shared those same things. So, in true Zach form, brought them home a dirt bike one day when the oldest was still only 2 years old. However, the children are now ready to begin the process of learning how to ride this glorious mini-bike and my father decided it would be a "north dakota thing". So there it is in North Dakota and here are the pics of the maiden voyage for Finn.

There was also fishing fun to be had. We took the children our fishing a couple of times. Much to my surprise they actually did rather well sitting, and watching that bobber. Waiting...just waiting for a fish to bite. Neither actually ever caught a fish..but others did and they enjoyed that. They also enjoyed the leeches!! LEECHES! Anyhow...

Because of the remote nature of this little town we were able to allow the oldest 2 children to ride their bikes while we went on walks. Finn, as I suspected, cruised his little Heine everywhere much more quickly than dainty little Lilly could. He was the leader and protector. When she fell, he came to the rescue. When she couldn't keep up, he circled around to meet her where she was. He is such a little gentlemen. On these walks we went to local parks and just enjoyed the calm nature of the town.

There was also Sully's Hill. A wildlife preserve of sorts that you drive through. There was a meerkat field (or something like that) and we did actually see a mule deer but that was it. The kids also found it rather exciting that they didn't have to sit in their seats as the speed limit was 10 mph and we were the only ones there it seemed!

Lo and behold the children got filthy on a daily basis. When I say filthy...I mean FILTHY...well you judge for yourself:

We roasted marshmallows as well, but I was too busy eating them (one of my favs) to take many pics. So after the fact this is what I got...Sylvi's lip is stuck from all of the grime on her face mixed with marshmallow...that bath water was dirty when they were done!
Last but not least I will leave you with this parting shot:


Miss said…
that photo so sylvi MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAH, she looks like a little piggy! =) haha

I AM SOOOO glad you guys had SUCH an amazing time!

my only request is that you make the pictures BIGGER when you load them!

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