To shower or not to shower...


Well the reasons are at least 3 fold.

#1 - My hair is naturally curly and cannot take to be washed daily nor styled daily. In fact I chose to wash it only 2 times a week at the most. So I end up having to jockey events to fit that schedule (sad I know =()

#2 - Sleeping with wet hair in not one of my favorite things!

#3 - I really, really want to catch up on my blogs.


Holly said…
Besides, I've found that showers just don't seem like so much of a necessity when you have children who daily put cottage cheese in their hair and come inside with sand in their diapers.
I saw your blog on 4 under 3's blogroll. I am 35 weeks pregnant with our third, who will arrive 2 weeks before our third anniversary! So it encourages me to see mothers who are in the same spot, and apparently loving it! God bless.

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