Children's Museum....

You'd think we didn't get out much by the way the children enjoyed the skyway from the parking ramp to the Children's Musem! After an hour long car ride I would run too!
Painting with water on the rooftop.
OH're not supposed to...well whatever!
Finn got a little "miffed" that his shirt was about a dryer?

My little "mother hen" was hatching her eggs!
Oh look! This one already hatched.
Thi slittle ant was leading me around the tunnel.
Momma and babe on the rooftop! What a gorgous day.
The first experience with momma helping out!
He thinks he is handsome too!
Ahhh copying momma at the grocery store.
Yum steaks and orange juice! Interesting combination dude.


Megan said…
I love that place! I can't wait to take the kids again!
I miss getting to read your blog! And I got to see your mom the other day!!
where are the GAC it up bloggy!!!!
Ehlan said…
Love the children's museum! So fuN!

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