Is it odd....

I just keeping thinking to myself, "Is it odd that I.... (fill in the blank)?". Maybe you have some insight?

-Is it odd that I am a very faith filled person who has an ipod full of pop, hip-hop and techno music to energize me?

-Is it odd that a friend and I were going to exchange time today so that we could exercise, and instead I canceled only to be greeted by said friend bringing McDonald's for lunch?

-Is it odd that I at one point today, lost my temper a bit and yelled "You guys need to be quiet or you'll wake Pearl up!!!!"?

-Is it odd that when telling my mother that I will be making cupcakes for Sylvi's Birthday Party on Saturday Lilly chimed in (from another room), "Oh I know a great recipe!" and continued to explain the exact magazine cover from which the recipe was in?

Just a few oddities today!


Miss said…
all of these are odd except the one of your friend and you NOT running but instead eating McDonalds !=)

oh, and I have wondered about the whole pop music thing too! ;)

And the recipe thing...totally what Ella does. She always shows me pictures of things we should make !haha
raggedy ash said…
oh lilly!!!!! i crazylove that kid. zoinks!


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