Because the content was ever so worthy..I am posting a "real life" post again!

You see yesterday, completely unwarned, I was taken out of commission. Unlike the times when you just feel tired, lazy, or down right belligerent to accomplish things. I was down for the count with no choice.

I awoke around 5 feeling rather nauseated thinking "maybe I am pregnant!", then it continued throughout the early hours of the morning...until I could no longer sleep. Oh wait! I can't be awake head hurts, my neck whole darn body hurts! WHAT IN THE NAME!

Turns out I was violently ill for almost 24 hours exactly...and my lovely husband had to stay home to take care of our 4 small children. My wonderful friend Jess helped us out in the morning with the older 3; what with dropping off and picking up from school. Then it was up to Mr. Man to do the rest...and the rest he did. Well....almost!

So, as I said...the content is warranting of another "it's real life" post.

And now for your viewing pleasure I have some "before" pictures I had taken the other day of areas of my home...and some "after" photos taken this morning.

(ok so I didn't have the time/energy to find the before of this one...but it will come)


Ehlan said…
Oh man! Hope you are feeling better now! I am always thankful when Ry has Olivia, and yet confused as to why he doesn't know how to pick up! :)
susanc said…
This is SO me....I am getting less and less able to bend. To pick up toys I need to get on all little ones think this is hillarious...I do not! They think it is time for horsey games!!

So the other day I left ALL the toys just laying around. I called my husband and warned him that I was doing this and he might need to do a tidy up when he got home from work. My mother 'popped' in and commented "Oh, Susan....this is different"....I am very tidy...usually.....
when he arrived home he was horrified at how much mess they had made 'in just one day???'
I explained that I tidy all day, on and off....he was truly amazed

If you figure out why our beloved hard working men find picking up toys so tricky please let me know....

and I hope you are feeling much better!

Susan :):)
Holy cow! Hopefully he stayed to help clean up :) I hope you are feeling better! Quick question, I want to start ¨Twittering¨ and have my account all set up, but I am unsure how to get it to show up on this page like you did. Everytime I try to add it with a search it says it won´t work. HELP :)

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