Not Me Monday

Here I go again. My second attempt at the "Not Me" Monday fair! But I think I need to start taking notes throughout the week, because I come up with some great ones and then forget by Monday! Soooo...

First and foremost is a severe offense in my book. But I definitely did NOT wear a cocktail dress to a charity event on Saturday that I am totally not going to return. It was not premeditated and I certainly would never do anything like this again.

One thing that I for sure did NOT do this week, was allow all 4 of my children to play, unsupervised, in our basement. I mean, who in there right mind, would allow a 5 month old baby to be in a room (filled with hazards like toys, balls, and what not) with 3 other children 4 years old and under? Not me! If a person were to do this....they certainly wouldn't do it for a lengthy time. I am just saying...I would not and did not leave them down there for upwards of an hour! This would just be ridiculous.

My 3 "bigs" like to play ring around the rosy a lot. This week they were NOT playing unsupervised (see above paragraph) when Finn apparently knocked Sylvi over and caused her to hit her eye on the corner of a bench. NONE of my children would ever get a black eye from such an event...and I certainly wouldn't wait a moment or two to attend to the screams just to see if it was "for real".

Well my baby is 5 months now. And typically, at this point, I am either nearly pregnant or will be soon. And since I would love to have another baby, I for sure would NOT be bringing that up to my husband. I would certainly not take it to a level of begging...making deals...even bribes. I am absolutely too mature to go to lengths of making such deals with him. I am far too grown up to ever think that these tactics might work in real life situations. So I guess I will NOT be bringing it up again, since I am so mature and all!

My husband is not one to chime in too much about how I feed/nurse our children. Furthermore, this week he definitely did NOT say that I may in fact be depriving our youngest of food. And he definitely wouldn't take it so far as to say that she should've been eating solid food a month or so ago! On that note...the reason that I have not yet introduced solids would not be selfish. Reasons like "it's so time consuming", "I am not sure when I would fit it in", and "I am so nervous that I may dry up if she starts solids" would NOT come out of my mouth as they are all fairly selfish. I am certainly NOT a selfish person.

Oh yes...and to end my post. I am NOT drinking a soda and eating pita chips at 11:00pm tonight...this would be foolish and completely nutritionally void. A smart, healthy, active person as I would NEVER do I won't!!!!

See you next Monday...and be sure to check out the other "Not Me" Monday posts here.


** Sara ** said…
You can have a baby in our place! We are done. Besides, we need to keep the school population up, I need my job!
4under3 said…
Wo! Some serious stuff you did not do!!

First, ANOTHER BABY!!! You go girl!! Just today, some friends at the park were talking about how they're surprised they haven't heard the "I'm pregnant again," speech. They were hoping we'd do 5 under 4.

I told them they're nuts.

But, you, you could do it!!!

And the cocktail dress! I never thought of that. I do have another wedding this weekend. ;)

Jazzy said…
I thought basements WERE for small children to play unsupervised. That's how it is in our house:) As long as I hear noise coming from all mouths then I know everyone is A-OK!!

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