Wordless Wednesday


4under3 said…

And your Not Me's are funny! Our son never gets out of bed either.

Megan said…
Too cute!
By the way, I'm glad the hair falling out thing is normal, but seriously, does it really have to just keeping coming out!!! I really hope I have some left in a month or two!!!!!!!!!!!
haha thanks, yea I just took them with my regular old digital camera. It was just a really quick deal...Nate isnt really into getting his pic taken so I did what I could. But yea I like the invite too, that ones my favorite. But yea there will be more to come, he is going to stop by sometime this week and we are going to take some at GAC. But yea, dont worry about the pics I realize that you have 4 kids. haha but yea I cant wait to see them. I miss you all so much already!!! peace love!

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