An Ordinary Day

Midnight! Yes I suppose this begins the day with a late feeding for Pearl.
1am - 3:15am SLEEP!
3:16am - Awoken by a young boy yelling sharply "MA-MA!"...he peed his bed! DO necessary washing/changing/blablabla
3:32am - 4:00am SLEEP!
4:01am - Another Feeding?
4:34 am - 5:00am SLEEP!
5:00am ALARM...wake Scott up!
5:01am - 6:01am SLEEP
6:02am - ANOTHER FEEDING! Really are you that hungry?
6:34 am - 7:20am Ahhhhh Sleep!
7:21....and it begins. Sylvi is the first up and we're snuggling...I have my coffee.
By 8:00am - All other babes are awake and breakfast is on the table (well if you can really qualify this as such...but hey it's oatmeal squares!)

8:30am I lay clothes out the night prior...for ease of course. Notice there are only 3 outfits...oh yes! My fashionista 4 year old MUST pick out her own!

Playtime's never to early for hockey!

Laundry has begun! Only 2 loads today...Not bad!

Begin praying for my husband at work!

I begin getting ready for our outing in about an hour while all 4 (ooppss yes...even the 5 mos. old!) are playing unattended in the basement! Our first visitors of the morning arrive.

9:30 - Off we go! My Mom is joining us and it should be a few hours!

1:30 - Back home and mass chaos ensues! Getting groceries put away, children in the house, ready for naps, some sleeping already, getting ready for a run (because my dear mother said she would stay while I ran =)), and trying to remain calm all at the same time!

2:30 - Kids are sleeping (except Sylvi..spoiled child) and I am off!

3:45 - I'm baaack! Sylvi is still up, Pearl is rustling in her crib and there are still things to be done! See a small sampling of my goodies!

4:00 - Another visitor for the day (count: 4 and soon to be 7). Good thing they all love my children!

5:30pm - Every child is now awake and quiet play is the name of the game! My parents are going to stop and visit before dinner and then my sister is going to join us. Currently I have set the baby on the kitchen floor while I begin dinner preparations. Sylvi has decided to pull her around on her blanket! Maybe not super smart...but it's occupying both of them nicely right now!

6:00pm - Dinner is on and will be ready by 6:45 (the specified time my husband will be home tonight).

Oh Lord...between 6 and 6:45 was a blur...getting dinner ready. My parents stopped by. Pearl was not having a good time. And Sylvi hadn't napped...not a great combination! But we got through it!

6:45pm - Dinner is served to my family plus 1 (my sis Ashley). All in all a good meal! Only the usual goings on...2 glasses of spilled milk, you know because we like to have the children use "big kid" cups! I only had to get up from my meal oh...say 20 times before I finished to service other family needs. And yes of course...just a few sour brite crawlers for desert that my dad had dropped by! Oh and I almost dear sweet husband tried to feed our baby a pasta noodle...oh wait...she's not eating food yet (although, on a side note, about an hour before Sylvi had filled Pearl's mouth with say...5 raisins before she began pulling her around the kitchen. Yes I swooped them out with no harm done! Because I watch my children of course)!

7:15pm - Hands are wiped...the "big" 3 and "daddy" head downstairs for some rowdy time! I hang upstairs with the babe for some quiet-ish time. I slowly clean up and get ready for the influx of "crazies" that is to come when the toddlers return to my lair!

7:45pm - All of the family is now on one is bedtime for the 2 babes and "booktime" for the 2 "bigs". All the while I continue to tidy up from dinner and baby bathtime! Skipped the "bigs'" bathtime tonight...not enough time.

8:49pm - Dinner is put away, Scott is putting the final child down to sleep! So far so good..."I hope I can finish this post in time to get in on the Thursday deadline!", I think.

Oh yeah...and believe me I forgot to post the million times my babe ate...since she is a bottomless pit lately!

9:28pm - I turn to see my sweet loving husband who knows that I am ever so tired today doing the evenings dishes! Sweet man!

So, if you enjoyed this post please click the header and it should bring you back to the blog I joined in on to do this and check out other fellow bloggers' "ordinary day" posts! ENJOY!


Girl you rock! You needed two carts just for the kiddlets! Oh and the peeing the bed...been there too. I was grinning all the way through. It's nice to know our lives are so similar--if not chaotic.

I'm all about the "it's occupying both of them nicely right now"
cute - lively funny - babies everywhere AND - AND the hubs does dishes??? lucky girl!
Annika said…
Wow, Busy day! I really don't like those middle of the night sheet changes! I love the pictures under your counter.
what a day! Thanks for sharing. :)

Miss said…
ummm....I am exhausted just reading that. And I am PRETTY sure it is very similar to my ordianry days! I guess reading about it is more tiring than actually doing it! =)
Ehlan said…
Oh my, you made me tired just reading! Go you!

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