"Not Me" Monday

Ok I am joining the "carnival" of sorts. I have wanted to for the last couple of weeks but just haven't made the time or effort...so here goes! Give me a couple posts to get into it!

So to start off today I absolutely did not skip breakfast and then eat honey mustard and onion pretzels after my run! That would not be nutritious. It would also never be a good idea to job 6 miles on an empty stomach!

Speaking of food, I also did not offer to grab desert for dinner tonight because I knew I secretly wanted some chocolate! I would never control a situation like that and certainly wouldn't indulge in multiple...I mean MULTIPLE pieces of said chocolate on my own.

Right now I am not still bringing my oldest daughter back to bed for the 16,000th time. She has definitely not received many idle threats and some that have come to fruition. NONE of those would ever be spanking of course...definitely not.

I did not allow my oldest daughter to dress herself, which I usually do not allow her to do. I would definitely never allow her to leave the house in a completely mismatched, disheveled outfit. And then I certainly wouldn't take her to the store dressed in such a manner to be a public spectacle.

So that's it...a weak attempt, but it is a first. It's the best I can do for tonight...I promise to get better for next week.
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Miss said…
haha! I loved everything you DIDNT do today....I wonder what I DIDNT do today??????
Jazzy said…
Who doesn't have honey mustard and onion pretzels for breakfast? I may need to try that one this week. Thanks for the idea!

Not Me! Monday is so fun and freeing:)

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