Hair today, Gone tomorrow!

On the contrary, it was actually "hair" and gone the same day in these photos!
We took the plunge and cut my sweet, beautiful baby boys hair the other day. He was asking for it. He continued to push his hair out of his eyes, and literally say, "Momma can Mandi* come cut my hair, it's in my eyes!". So we ventured out to the local Great Clips and had his light blonde hair cut into a typical little boy cut. And then it happened.
He turned into about a 7 year old.
In mere moments his little boy face went from baby like, to mature.
His hair went from fine blonde locks, to course mousy brown boy hair.
First time with a razor, first time having his side burns cut and he's 3!

But when all was said and done he looked just as sweet, maybe not so baby like but cute as a button. And in typical Finn fashion, the only place I could catch him sitting still enough for a photo.....was here!

What an amazing little boy.

*For the record Mandi is one of my dearest friends who happens to also cut hair, and has trimmed his twice!


ahhh, what a cutie! They always look so different to me with hair cuts! :) Ozzie just got his first hair cut.. ahhhhh

I have sad. My finny is grown up!
by the way is that picture taken in the bathroom? Is he on the toilet?
You bet Korrina...that was the only place I could get him sittin' still!
Ehlan said…
He is so cute! He does look like such a big boy!

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